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Product Code: 170585-000

Manufacturer: CRADLEPOINT

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Price & stock last updated: 2024-06-25 16:10:02

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Product Name: 170585-000

Price 1: NZ$27.29 inc GST

Stock: 2

Available at: Albany, Auckland

Price & stock last updated: 2024-06-25 16:10:02
2019-06-11 NZ$24.50
2020-01-16 NZ$25.30
2020-01-28 NZ$24.50
2020-01-29 NZ$24.15
2020-01-31 NZ$24.04
2020-03-22 NZ$25.24
2020-04-21 NZ$26.57
2021-06-09 NZ$27.77
2021-06-18 NZ$26.57
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2 meter power and GPIO cable (direct wire) for IBR1100/IBR1150, IBR600/IBR650, IBR900 (all versions).

Input Pin – The Input Pin can be used to read a value—either high or low— from an external device and either display that value on the administration page (as the Current Value) or cause the router to reset. Select one of the following options from the dropdown menu:

• Default/Ignored: In this mode the input pin is not used.

• Input Sensing: In this mode the logic state (high or low) is automatically sensed by the router and is readable as the Current Value.

• Router Reset: In this mode an external device can reset the router by holding the input low for 10 seconds.

Output Pin – The Output Pin can be used to allow an external device to read either whether the router is running or whether the modem is connected. Select one of the following options from the dropdown menu:

• Default/Low: In this mode the output pin is not used and is at 0V (ground potential).

• Set High/Router Running: In these modes the output pin is logic low while the router is booting and transitions to logic high when the router is fully running. If the router is reset, the output returns to low until the router has fully rebooted.

• Modem Connected: In this mode the output pin is logic low until the modem has connected to a tower. If the connection drops, this output is set low until the connection is restored.

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