Each product has an Info Request button - this will take you to a Contact form where you can submit a question to us, and we will email you back
There are also "Contact Us" and "Sales Enquiry" contact pages in the Support menu.
You can use the email address on the bottom of every page.
Finally, you can phone us - but we are often unable to answer the phone.
Once you complete your order, there are four steps that will complete before you will receive your goods. You will receive email notifications for each step
  1. Confirmation - immediately upon completion of the checkout process, you will receive an email confirming your order and details. Please check it and let us know immediately if there are any errors.
  2. Payment - Payment for your order needs to be confirmed. This happens automatically if you pay by Credit Card or Online Eftpos and there is no email for it as the Confirmation email confirms that payment has been received.
  3. Processing - Your order is sent to our warehouse to be picked for you.
  4. Shipping - Finally your order has been collected by the courier. With the email, you will receive your invoice and the tracking info.
We accept payment in Five different options
  • Bank Transfer - Our favourite and recommended payment option: Once the order is complete, you will need to transfer payment into our bank account. You can do this using your online banking app, website or phoning or visiting your bank branch. There is no additional charge for using this payment method. Payments can take upto 24 hours to clear1.
  • Google Pay - The modern payment method using your Google Account. This payment, like EFTPOS and Credit Card, is handled by our Gateway Payment Provider. There is a surcharge for paying by Google Pay. Payments are confirmed instantly.
  • Online Eftpos - You need to be an ASB or Co-operative Bank customer and use their banking app. You will be redirected to a secure payment page to complete the transaction, which you confirm using your banking app. There is a surcharge for paying by Online Eftpos. Payments are confirmed instantly.
  • Credit Card - You will be redirected to a secure payment page to complete the transaction, where you enter the credit card details. There is a surcharge for paying by Credit Card. Payments are confirmed instantly.
  • PayPal - You will be redirected to the PayPay Payment page to complete the transaction, where you can pay through PayPal as you normally do. There is a surcharge for paying with PayPal. Payments are confirmed instantly.
Note 1: We bank with ASB, and Bank Transfers usually appear in our account at the top of the next hour (between 8am and midnight). But it depends on YOUR bank. If you bank with a bank who only transfer once a day, then you will have to wait. Feel free to phone your bank and hassle them, because in this day and age, that is ridiculous!
ASB or Co-operative Bank - this depends on our payment gateway provider
More banks are coming online soon.
Credit cards are convenient, but they are also unsecure and expensive. We get charged by our banks for the honour of being able to take credit card payments - all online retailers do. Some retailers "hide" this cost by saying they have no credit card surcharges, but you can be sure that they charge you somewhere in their pricing strategy. We prefer to be honest and transparent about everything. We don't hike up all our prices just to cover credit card surcharges, instead we allow you to opt out by choosing different payment options.
As we drop-ship the majority of our products, we are able to get very reasonable shipping prices
You can calculate the shipping cost when you get to the Checkout. Just choose your Shipping Location, and it will calculate your shipping cost.
If the product is in stock, shipping is overnight to the North Island. For the South Island, you can choose 2-day delivery, or overnight.
An extra day is required for rural deliveries.
These times are estimates only - but they are accurate 95% of the time. However, "Overnight" to a courier technically means within three days according to their T&Cs.
We have several different suppliers, and we like to play them off against each other. Our site allows you to compare the prices for different suppliers.
This allows you to choose what is important to you. You can choose the cheapest even if it is out of stock and wait for it, or choose one that is in stock.
You can also subscribe to Stock Alerts if a product is out of stock. Just click the Stock Alert button
Our stock levels are updated at least once a day, and the time of that update is given on the product page.
If you want to be sure we have it in stock, just contact us using the Info Request button. We will get back to you as quick as we can.
This will happen on occasion, although it is fairly rare.
This happens in two situations:
  1. If stock is low, and you want a popular product, they might sell out before your payment clears. We cannot consider your order complete for processing until payment is received in full.
  2. Occasionally stock counts at the warehouse are wrong. In this situation, we will endeavour to find you the same product from another supplier, which is often possible.
In either situation, you have the choice to wait (we will get you an ETA asap), or you can cancel your order for a full refund.