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Cables used to connect computers to power supplies and other devices such as printers.
A hardware component of a computer such as a hard disk or memory.
Device which is programmed to carry out a set of arithmetic or logical operations e.g. desktop computers, smartphones
Devices that feed data into a computer e.g. keyboard, joystick
Device able to store and retrieve data.
A telecommunications network which allows computers and other electronic devices to exchange data. Common examples are local area networks (LANs) and virtual private networks (VPNs).
Ability to print and scan documents using a device such as an all-in-one printer and scanner.
Device that is used to project rays of light, especially an apparatus with a system of lenses for projecting slides or film on to a screen.
Instructions for a computer's processor to perform specific operations e.g. system software such as Windows and iOS, application software such as internet browsers and apps.
Portable computer devices and phones, and their accessories such as cables and stands
A warranty is a written guarantee, issued to the purchaser of an article by its manufacturer, promising to repair or replace it if necessary within a specified period of time. Support means help with set-up and use of a device, and if there are any problems with it.