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CyberPower PDU15SWHVIEC12ATNET power distribution unit (PDU) 1U Black 12 AC outlet(s)



Manufacturer: CYBERPOWER

Category: Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

Short Description: CyberPower PDU15SWHVIEC12ATNET, Switched, 1U, Metal, Black, LCD, 12 AC outlet(s)

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Price 1: NZ$697.74 inc GST

Stock: Out of stock!
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Available at: Manukau, Auckland

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Price & stock last updated: 2021-02-27 07:02:56
2019-06-11 NZ$733.22
2019-07-16 NZ$749.68
2019-07-19 NZ$746.08
2019-07-22 NZ$733.22
2019-07-24 NZ$597.07
2019-08-01 NZ$733.22
2019-08-09 NZ$692.91
2019-11-11 NZ$733.22
2019-11-19 NZ$781.01
2019-11-20 NZ$780.55
2019-11-25 NZ$780.41
2019-11-28 NZ$733.22
2019-12-25 NZ$754.41
2019-12-26 NZ$752.58
2019-12-30 NZ$746.30
2020-01-01 NZ$743.08
2020-01-02 NZ$741.65
2020-01-06 NZ$749.66
2020-01-08 NZ$749.77
2020-01-10 NZ$751.91
2020-01-14 NZ$753.50
2020-01-15 NZ$753.72
2020-01-17 NZ$778.49
2020-01-27 NZ$783.57
2020-01-29 NZ$763.51
2020-01-30 NZ$752.76
2020-02-01 NZ$749.17
2020-02-19 NZ$762.20
2020-02-20 NZ$768.40
2020-02-25 NZ$772.88
2020-02-27 NZ$775.44
2020-02-28 NZ$779.74
2020-03-05 NZ$779.50
2020-03-10 NZ$772.40
2020-03-12 NZ$784.73
2020-03-13 NZ$779.37
2020-03-16 NZ$810.52
2020-03-20 NZ$851.15
2020-03-23 NZ$857.11
2020-04-23 NZ$867.07
2020-04-27 NZ$860.86
2020-05-03 NZ$840.82
2020-05-04 NZ$853.18
2020-05-06 NZ$856.73
2020-05-08 NZ$858.01
2020-05-09 NZ$849.54
2020-05-11 NZ$841.24
2020-05-15 NZ$861.87
2020-05-18 NZ$865.20
2020-05-19 NZ$871.47
2020-05-20 NZ$857.29
2020-05-25 NZ$848.70
2020-05-27 NZ$846.90
2020-05-28 NZ$832.15
2020-05-29 NZ$837.56
2020-06-02 NZ$834.86
2020-06-03 NZ$822.35
2020-06-04 NZ$813.56
2020-06-06 NZ$803.44
2020-06-08 NZ$794.52
2020-06-10 NZ$789.21
2020-06-12 NZ$789.56
2020-06-15 NZ$804.19
2020-06-17 NZ$800.57
2020-06-18 NZ$800.07
2020-06-19 NZ$798.59
2020-06-24 NZ$795.87
2020-06-25 NZ$794.41
2020-06-29 NZ$803.68
2020-07-01 NZ$806.06
2020-07-02 NZ$801.81
2020-07-03 NZ$797.34
2020-07-06 NZ$790.64
2020-07-08 NZ$788.71
2020-07-13 NZ$786.55
2020-07-16 NZ$791.24
2020-07-17 NZ$786.44
2020-07-20 NZ$787.88
2020-07-22 NZ$786.55
2020-07-23 NZ$778.96
2020-07-24 NZ$774.88
2020-07-27 NZ$779.20
2020-07-29 NZ$773.48
2020-07-30 NZ$775.67
2020-07-31 NZ$776.62
2020-08-03 NZ$778.72
2020-08-05 NZ$781.90
2020-08-06 NZ$781.66
2020-08-07 NZ$776.74
2020-08-10 NZ$783.21
2020-08-12 NZ$783.91
2020-08-13 NZ$784.16
2020-08-17 NZ$788.71
2020-08-19 NZ$789.21
2020-08-20 NZ$783.91
2020-08-21 NZ$781.90
2020-08-24 NZ$791.49
2020-08-26 NZ$789.92
2020-08-27 NZ$790.88
2020-08-31 NZ$767.39
2020-09-03 NZ$763.63
2020-09-04 NZ$763.07
2020-09-07 NZ$769.11
2020-09-09 NZ$771.52
2020-09-10 NZ$778.27
2020-09-11 NZ$773.36
2020-09-14 NZ$775.45
2020-09-16 NZ$769.66
2020-09-21 NZ$761.62
2020-09-23 NZ$775.45
2020-09-24 NZ$779.90
2020-09-25 NZ$786.79
2020-09-28 NZ$790.75
2020-10-01 NZ$784.16
2020-10-02 NZ$780.13
2020-10-05 NZ$779.32
2020-10-09 NZ$784.29
2020-10-12 NZ$775.22
2020-10-14 NZ$776.62
2020-10-19 NZ$781.43
2020-10-22 NZ$784.52
2020-10-23 NZ$774.29
2020-10-26 NZ$773.72
2020-10-28 NZ$773.48
2020-10-29 NZ$768.88
2020-10-30 NZ$776.39
2020-11-02 NZ$782.12
2020-11-05 NZ$771.30
2020-11-09 NZ$761.62
2020-11-11 NZ$757.72
2020-11-17 NZ$754.71
2020-11-18 NZ$749.26
2020-11-19 NZ$749.59
2020-11-20 NZ$744.71
2020-11-23 NZ$744.28
2020-11-25 NZ$746.64
2020-12-03 NZ$731.52
2020-12-07 NZ$734.12
2020-12-09 NZ$731.74
2020-12-14 NZ$729.68
2020-12-17 NZ$728.54
2020-12-18 NZ$729.88
2020-12-21 NZ$725.05
2020-12-23 NZ$728.24
2020-12-24 NZ$733.60
2021-01-06 NZ$721.13
2021-01-11 NZ$713.94
2021-01-13 NZ$719.41
2021-01-14 NZ$718.30
2021-01-22 NZ$721.62
2021-01-25 NZ$719.80
2021-01-27 NZ$718.01
2021-02-01 NZ$719.01
2021-02-04 NZ$722.52
2021-02-05 NZ$717.50
2021-02-08 NZ$717.01
2021-02-10 NZ$715.12
2021-02-12 NZ$715.22
2021-02-19 NZ$718.71
2021-02-26 NZ$697.74
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Supplier 2

Product Name: CyberPower Switched ATS PDU(10A) incl SNMP IEC 320 C14*2

Price 2: NZ$942.68 inc GST

Stock: Out of stock!
No ETA available

Available at: East Tamaki, Auckland

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Price & stock last updated: 2021-02-27 21:00:15
2019-06-11 NZ$809.11
2019-08-05 NZ$880.71
2019-10-17 NZ$890.59
2019-10-22 NZ$710.36
2020-01-06 NZ$890.59
2020-01-13 NZ$897.73
2020-01-16 NZ$927.23
2020-01-28 NZ$897.73
2020-01-29 NZ$885.09
2020-01-31 NZ$880.87
2020-02-04 NZ$839.58
2020-04-21 NZ$976.96
2020-04-21 NZ$1,028.38
2020-07-06 NZ$942.68
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Switched ATS, C14 x 2, C13 x 12, RJ15, 1U

CyberPower PDU15SWHVIEC12ATNET. PDU types: Switched, Rack capacity: 1U, Housing material: Metal. AC outlets quantity: 12 AC outlet(s), AC outlet types: C13 coupler, Power plug: C14 coupler. Cable length: 3 m, Certification: UL60950_1 certified by ETL (USA), CSA C22.2 (Canada), FCC Class A. Management platform: SNMP/HTTP. Nominal input voltage: 200-240 V, Maximum current: 15 A, AC input frequency: 50 - 60 Hz


The CyberPower PDU15SWHVIEC12ATNET, 12-outlet 1U rack mount switched auto transfer switch (ATS) power distribution unit (PDU), provides 200-240V / 15A output. The PDU distributes unfiltered electrical pass-through to 12 IEC-320 C13 receptacles from redundant IEC-320 C14 plugs. Dual power cords can be plugged into separate power sources to provide redundancy to single-corded connected equipment. If power for the primary source exceeds the lower or upper thresholds, or if power fails, the PDU will switch to the secondary power source to ensure continuous operation. The PDU will switch back to the primary power source when incoming power becomes stable. The PDU15SWHVIEC12ATNET includes a SNMP/HTTP card (RMCARD203). With the SNMP card and an IP address on the network interface, users have real-time monitoring and outlet control of the ATS PDU. The switched outlet receptacles can be managed individually or collectively over the network the CyberPower Management Console /web browser and the RJ45 Ethernet port for network connection or, locally, using the LCD controls. Using the CyberPower Management Console, outlets can be turned on, turned off, or recycled on demand or at programmed times, to address multiple needs, including remote rebooting of locked equipment, load shedding, power sequencing, and locking out unauthorized loads. Additionally, the CyberPower Management Console provides real-time remote monitoring of PDU vitals and event logging to review historical power conditions, such as input voltages, load levels, and outlet status. Automatic event notifications can be sent to designated users when power events occur, via Email, SMS Text, or SNMP Trap. The LCD provides local monitoring of the PDU and on/off control the outlets. Perform load management by using the display to measure the electrical current (displayed in amperes) used by connected equipment. The LCD can also display input and output voltages, to diagnose potential issues with input AC power. Active power consumption (displayed in kilowatts) and hardware and firmware versions are also viewable on the LCD screen. Designed for datacenters and other demanding electrical applications, the PDU15SWHVIEC12ATNET has a rugged, industrial-grade metal housing, a 10-foot AC power cord, and a cord retention tray. It can be mounted horizontally and is UL60950_1 and CSA C22.2 certified by ETL and FCC Class A certified. A three-year warranty ensures that this PDU is free of defects in design, assembly, material or workmanship.


PDU typesSwitched
Rack capacity1U
Housing materialMetal
Product colourBlack
AC outlets quantity12 AC outlet(s)
AC outlet typesC13 coupler
Power plugC14 coupler
Serial ports quantity1
Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) ports1
LED indicatorsY
Cable length3 m
RoHS complianceY
CertificationUL60950_1 certified by ETL (USA), CSA C22.2 (Canada), FCC Class A
Management platformSNMP/HTTP
Nominal input voltage200-240 V
Maximum current15 A
AC input frequency50 - 60 Hz
Nominal output voltage200-240 V
Dimensions (WxDxH)433 x 236.22 x 44.45 mm
Weight4 kg
Operating temperature (T-T)0 - 50 -C
Storage temperature (T-T)-15 - 45 -C
Storage relative humidity (H-H)0 - 95%
Operating altitude0 - 4000 m
Non-operating altitude0 - 15000 m

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