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QNAP LIC-CAM-NAS-1CH warranty/support extension


Product Code: LIC-CAM-NAS-1CH

Manufacturer: QNAP

Category: Warranty & Support Extensions

Short Description: QNAP LIC-CAM-NAS-1CH, 1 license(s)

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Product Name: LIC-CAM-NAS-1CH

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Price & stock last updated: 2020-09-20 20:10:02
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1 Channel License Activation Key

QNAP LIC-CAM-NAS-1CH. License quantity: 1 license(s)


Based on the model, the Surveillance Station Pro comes with a different number of free channels. The maximum number of recording channels supported is for reference only. The actual recording performance may vary depending on a number of factors such as the IP cameras, video contents, network bandwidth, recording settings and other running applications. Please contact authorized distributors or camera vendors for more information on the recommended number of recording channels.


License quantity1 license(s)
CompatibilityIS-400 Pro, HS-210, HS-251, SS-EC1279U-SAS-RP, SS-EC1879U-SAS-RP, SS-EC2479U-SAS-RP, TS-112, TS-112P, TS-119P II, TS-120, TS-121, TS-212-E, TS-212P, TS-220, TS-221, TS-231, TS-251, TS-251C, TS-253 Pro, TS-253A, TS-412U, TS-419U, TS-419U II, TS-420, TS-420U, TS-421, TS-421U, TS-431, TS-431U, TS-451, TS-451U, TS-453 Pro, TS-453A, TS-453S Pro, TS-453U, TS-453U-RP, TS-469U-RP, TS-470 Pro, TS-531P, TS-563, TS-651, TS-653 Pro, TS-653A, TS-851, TS-853 Pro, TS-853A, TS-853S Pro, TS-853U-RP, TS-869 Pro, TS-869U-RP, TS-870, TS-870 Pro, TS-870U-RP, TS-879 Pro, TS-879U-RP, TS-1079 Pro, TS-1269U-RP, TS-1270U-RP, TS-1279U-RP, TS-1679U-RP, TS-EC879U-RP, TS-EC880 Pro, TS-EC880U-RP, TS-EC1080 Pro, TS-EC1279U-RP, TS-EC1279U-SAS-RP, TS-EC1280U-RP, TS-EC1679U-RP, TS-EC1679U-SAS-RP, TS-EC1680U-RP, TS-EC2480U R2, TS-EC2480U-RP, TVS-463, TVS-471, TVS-471U, TVS-471U-RP, TVS-663, TVS-671, TVS-863, TVS-863+, TVS-871, TVS-871T, TVS-871U-RP, TVS-1271U-RP, TVS-EC880, TVS-EC1080, TVS-EC1080+

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