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Family Zone lets kids be kids - and empowers parents to be parents

With Family Zone, your children won’t miss out on the online fun and learning that’s so much a part of their lives. They’ll simply be shielded from risks and potential harms.

With our strong yet flexible parental controls, you can easily:


Manage screen-time


Block adult content


Limit social media


Unfiltered parent access


Limit online gaming


Track all smart devices


Manage in-app purchases


Set bed and study times

Family Zone provides a complete cyber safety solution for your family across every device, everywhere
Our cloud-based solutions are as mobile as your children are. Wherever they go, and on any network, Family Zone protection follows

How Family Zone Works

Zone Manager

The central part to Family Zone is Zone Manager. This is where parents control everything to do with Family Zone. You can use Zone Manager as an app on your phone, or through the web portal. The app on your phone provides simple, one-touch management of access limits, study and sleep times, reports, usage alerts, and so much more. The web portal does all of that, plus contains more in-depth set-up options. Controls for accessing websites are set by age, so you can have different settings for each kid, and it won't affect your access. Generally, you would set Family Zone up using the web portal and then run it day to day using the app.

But Zone Manager provides more than just controlling access to websites, you can:

  • Manage screen-time
  • Block adult content
  • Limit social media
  • Limit online gaming
  • Track all smart devices
  • Manage in-app purchases
  • Set bed and study times
  • Get advice from experts
  • Get reports and alerts on their activity
  • Set your own unrestricted access

Safe on the Go

Safe on the Go is the basic subscription for Family Zone. It is required for all other parts of Family Zone. The subscription is enforced on any devices by the Mobile Zone app, and can be applied to any device at home using the Safe Family box.

The Three Protection Options

Zone Manager sets the policies which are then enforced by the protection options. Protecting devices is done in three ways:

The Mobile Zone App

The simplest way to protext your kids devices wherever they are.

The Mobile Zone app is an app that you install on your kids devices and it applies the policies that you have set using Zone Manager. You will get alerts if your kid tries to remove the app.

Mobile Zone is included in the Safe on the Go subscription

The Safe Family Box

Protect and manage every device that connects to your home WiFi, including smart TVs, gaming consoles, PCs and even guest devices.

The Safe Family Box is a router that connects between your existing router and all your devices. It enforces the polices that you have set using Zone Manager regardless of the type of device.

FZOne - the FZ Smartphone

A smartphone you can feel good about - all the control you want in a phone and all the features your kids want for their connected lives.

FZOne comes with Android 8, plenty of power in the processor and battery life, plus things like facial recognition, a stunning HD+ display, a 13MP camera and a fingerprint sensor

Family Zone also works with the schools that your kids attend. It defers to the school's internet policies while the kids are connected to the school wifi, and automatically applies the Zone Manager settings again when they leave.

Our experts have your back - with Family Zone, you can tap into an exclusive brainstrust: a renowned team of child psychologists, educators and law enforcement professionals who are specialists in the online world and its impact on our children.


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App Downloads

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Your control panel to manage sceen time, get alerts, view reports, and more.

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Install on their devices to block adult content, enforce time restrictions, and more.