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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Family Zone manage how much time my children spend online?

Absolutely. WIth Family Zone, you can set customised sleep, school, study and play times for every child in your family. And it’s easy to make one-off changes too!

Can I manage my children’s access to social media?

Yes you can! Family Zone enables you to manage their access to Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and many more. They can be blocked entirely, or selectively - and it’s easy to apply different settings depending on the age of your child.

Will Family Zone slow down our home WiFi?

Not at all. Family Zone uses an innovative ‘fast filtering technology’ and its effect should be imperceptible to most users. Note too that the Family Zone Box includes an Unfiltered WiFi option so adult devices can bypass Family Zone filters entirely.

Can my child bypass or uninstall the Family Zone app?

If a child deletes the app, they will be automatically disconnected from the internet, and you’ll be alerted immediately. Children sometimes attempt more sophisticated ways to hack the system, but Family Zone will detect these too, and notify you.

Will Family Zone work on laptops, desktops, and smart TV's?

That’s exactly what the Family Zone Box is designed to do. The Safe Family Bundle (see above) includes the Box and enables you to manage all internet-connected devices - gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox, smart TV's, and Apple and Windows laptops and desktops included. If your child attends a participating school, we also offer specific software to work with school devices.

Is Family Zone difficult to set-up?

For the Safe Family Bundle, it’s as easy as plugging the Family Zone Box into your home modem router, and adding your children’s devices to the the Family Zone WiFi network. For the app, simply install Mobile Zone on your child’s device and log in. Then, download the Zone Manager parent app to control all your children’s devices from your own smartphone or tablet. We also partner with the team at Computer Troubleshooters who can set up everything you’ll need for a low, once-off fee.

Will Family Zone work on both Apple and Android devices?

Yes, our apps work across both operating systems. The Family Zone Box (in the Safe Family Bundle package) takes it one step further and protects any device connected to your home WiFi.

Will Family Zone block adult internet use or Netflix?

Only if you want it to. Adults are assigned an Adult Profile by default with relaxed policy settings. Family Zone also offers an Unfiltered WiFi network which can be used to bypass Family Zone entirely.

Will Family Zone work with school devices?

Yes. Family Zone has been designed to work in harmony with learning technologies. In fact, more and more schools are recommending Family Zone to parents to manage children's safety online.